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All my bottom teeth ache watch online

All my bottom teeth ache
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ChillyBowl , Jul 17, You might notice swelling and even pus at the site of an abscess. Well you could have knocked my over with a feather, it worked. I thought I had a horrible cavity. She even said "so you have throbbing pain?
All my bottom teeth ache

Jul 17,  · Outpost Doctors, My bottom teeth hurt. The pain doesn't seem localized to a single tooth and hot/cold water and pressure don't change the pain, in fact chewing gum has helped it. Dull pain in all teeth is a common symptom if you suffer from bruxism (grinding of teeth). Another cause of dull pain is periodontal (gum disease) disease. In my opinion, the anti depressant medication is not responsible for this pain. A person's front bottom teeth can hurt for a variety of reasons, including gum inflammation, a cavity, tooth decay, a cracked tooth, nerve root exposure or pulp inflammation. The treatment for a toothache of the bottom front teeth depends on the cause of the pain.

All my bottom teeth ache
All my bottom teeth ache

When dentists and doctors go about diagnosing the source of pain, they use a method referred to as differential diagnosis, which is a systematic method used to identify unknowns, using the process of elimination. So in your case, the first differential is this: Is the pain associated with all your teeth or just one tooth? Things that happen to a single tooth are typically singular all my bottom teeth ache, such as a cavity or the need for all my bottom teeth ache root canal or a cracked tooth. These are things that would not happen to all the teeth at the same time.

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All my bottom teeth ache
All my bottom teeth ache

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All my bottom teeth ache